Fire Extinguisher Servicing Singapore- Read This To Know More

fire extinguisher servicing singapore

Being precautious and ready for any incident is always the key to managing any unprecedented activities, isn’t it? Being ready for incidents such as fire and other disasters that can potentially occur in a day is always advisable rather than being stranded when it occurs. Hence, as a precautionary measure, every company or organisation is expected to follow certain guidelines with respect to ensuring the best possible safety of the employees and other people in the building . One such very crucial element is the fire extinguisher. Having one is mandatory, what’s more, important is its maintenance and servicing to ensure it is in the best condition. This article further elaborates on the importance of having a fire extinguisher and fire extinguisher servicing singapore. 

What is the importance of a fire extinguisher?

A fire extinguisher constitutes the most crucial component of a fire protection measure in any given ambience. It is as important as having a first aid kit, that can prevent from cataclysmic damage occurring to the property and even the lives of many people in the vicinity of the fire incident. Even before the arrival of a fire station troop, this fire extinguisher can be used as a preliminary element to put off or at the least in reducing the impact of fire.

Wrapping Up

The quality and working condition of the fire extinguisher must be assessed by officials on an annual basis to ensure the proper maintenance of fire extinguishers.

There are many companies that provide servicing and maintenance aids.