Reform of basic commercial training

iso 45001 transition

The world of work is changing and with it also the commercial apprenticeship. The reform of basic commercial training guarantees the development of the profession. So that specialists from the trade and business sectors are ready for the future iso 45001 transition.

The world of work is becoming more digital and the employment market more flexible, as the trend towards a service society continues. Routine administration and data logging activities are diminishing and new skills are required.

Training for the future

How does the training of an AFC employee change?

The Commercial Employees Reform of the Swiss Conference of Business Training and Examination Branches (CSRFC) addresses precisely these issues. The reform ensures that young adults can continue to train adequately, maintaining their attractiveness on the labor market and gaining the possibility to choose between numerous career opportunities. Like all professions, the commercial apprenticeship is also subjected to a review every 5 years, which guarantees its constant updating.

What changes at the level of apprenticeship related to the two-year practical training certificate (CFP)?

Parallel to the reform of the AFC Commercial Employee Training, which is the subject of much discussion, the CFP training will also be subject to reforms: the new orientation of the two-year Basic Office Assistant (CFP) training is not only evident from the planned change to the title, or “CFP business clerk”, but also by a greater concentration on action skills.

As part of the reform of the two-year basic training CFP commercial employee, particular attention has now been paid to the possibility of accessing the AFC commercial employee training: this will therefore also ensure that graduates of commercial training CFP based, enrolled in the second year of training, can access the AFC apprenticeship and therefore obtain an AFC certificate within four years.