What is an ATO (Approved Training Organization)?

wsq ato consultant

A CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO) is a company that offers construction training courses and qualifications that meet a predetermined and industry-agreed-upon training standard. A wsq ato consultant could be a commercial training provider, a construction company’s in-house training department, or an educational institution. The organization must have completed the CITB approval process to become an ATO.

What are the advantages of becoming a CITB ATO?

When you become a CITB ATO, you will be recognized by CITB and the British construction industry as a training provider capable of providing high-quality training that meets industry standards. You will now have access to the Employment Training Directory, a potent marketing tool available to anybody interested in construction training. You may reach out to potential customers seeking CITB grant-funded training courses by utilizing the Directory.

Being a part of CITB’s streamlined grant payments system will set you apart from your rivals and make it simpler for businesses to book training with you for their employees and get paid for them.

Conferences, seminars, and training sessions

You can deduct the expense of attending seminars, conferences, or training sessions to maintain or improve the knowledge, skills, or capacities required to earn a living in your current job.

You can deduct registration fees and travel expenses to where the seminar, conference, or training session is held. You may also deduct the price of lodging and food if you must travel and spend the night away from home to attend such an event. You might be unable to deduct all your costs if the seminar, conference, or training course you’re attending has a non-work-related component.